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JesusOnline is effectively using Internet technology to reach people with the truth about Jesus every minute of every day.


On our websites, visitors discover strong evidence about the person of Jesus Christ, leading to a complete, compelling gospel presentation and spiritual growth resources.

Founder’s Message

It was 1960 when I first met Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.  During a special week at Mound, Minnesota, when Campus Crusade was in its infancy, I became infected with Dr. Bright’s desire to reach the world for Christ. After helping Dr. Bright launch Campus Crusade at Kansas State University, I remained committed to reaching the world as a layman.

Forty years later our paths crossed again, but this time Dr. Bright was near death from an incurable lung disease. Little did I realize that God would reunite us to form a new ministry. Today, our world is much different than it was in 1960. The claims of Christianity are under assault like never before. Tragically, due to this assault, 80 percent of college students from Christian homes leave the Faith by their sophomore year.

With the help of scholars and leaders from Campus Crusade for Christ, we summarized the compelling evidences for Jesus Christ and the reliability of the New Testament. The purpose of these articles was to counter the mass media attacks on the historical Jesus and the integrity of the Gospel message.

Bert Harned and Henry Brandt, two longtime friends of Dr. Bright, reviewed the manuscripts and thought that he might be interested in co-authoring them. At that time, Bright was finalizing some projects with his assistant, Helmut Teichert. However, due to Dr. Bright’s weakened condition, I was informed it would be unlikely for him to review the manuscripts, let alone agree to co-author them.

But surprisingly, a few weeks later I received a message to call Dr. Bright! I returned his call, and for the next 15 minutes he spoke enthusiastically about his desire to help thinking people discover the truth of Christianity and to understand God’s love and grace. He wholeheartedly endorsed the articles and agreed to co-author them. Our conversation ended with him praying that God would use the material to win millions of seekers to Christ.

Within a few months, Dr. Bright passed from this world into the presence of the Lord he loved and served. Since that time, God has used JesusOnline to send the message of Christ to tens of millions of people in 241 countries and territories. It is our goal to have reached at least 100 million people by 2020.

Testimonies of changed lives stream in daily, revealing how the truth of Jesus Christ has the same transforming power in the 21st century as it did in the first century.

Today we have the ability to reach people from every nation in the world for an average of less than 10 cents per person! We invite you to take the time to read through the pages on this site, and then join us in this unprecedented opportunity of sending the light and truth of Jesus Christ into a dark, needy world.

Larry Chapman

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