About Us

JesusOnline is effectively using Internet technology to reach people with the truth about Jesus every minute of every day.


On our websites, visitors discover strong evidence about the person of Jesus Christ, leading to a complete, compelling gospel presentation and spiritual growth resources.

Our History

Inspired by Dr. Bill Bright’s vision to reach the world for Christ, Larry Chapman began a life-long quest to investigate the evidences for the Christian faith. When approached by a Young Life leader requesting answers to help a struggling student, Larry was prompted by his wife, Marianne, to write a summary of the compelling evidences supporting Christianity.

After reviewing evidence and scholarly perspectives on both sides of these issues, he authored a number of articles which examine the questions and present the evidence obtained through his many years of research.

Through mutual friends, his articles were reviewed for potential publication by Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ prior to Dr. Bright’s death in 2003. Dr. Bright was excited about the potential use of the articles as evangelism tools and endorsed their publication. The articles were produced by Bright Media Foundation after Dr. Bright’s death as Y-Jesus and Y-Origins magazines.

With a desire to make the content of these magazines easily available to a larger audience, JesusOnline Ministries was created. The original articles were made available worldwide through the Y-Jesus.com and Y-Origins.com websites. JesusOnline Ministries then began actively promoting the articles through the use of state-of-the-art Internet technologies to attract visitors to the sites. This has resulted in more than 70 million visitors since 2005.

Additional websites were developed with a focus on further outreach to young people and providing discipleship materials for spiritual growth and multiplication. JesusOnline.com, featuring video content and shorter articles, was launched in 2012 to specifically target younger generations. The ExtremeLivingGuide.com website was developed as a tool for Bible study which could be downloaded anywhere in the world for free.

Thousands of these resources have been provided to seekers, believers, and Christian leaders. The gratitude for these resources from international missionaries and pastors has been overwhelming, as many of them live in countries where Christian literature is difficult to obtain.

Future goals include adding more language translations to the websites, launching special campaigns that target specific countries, and expanding the resources and materials provided to the international church.

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