About Us

JesusOnline is effectively using Internet technology to reach people with the truth about Jesus every minute of every day.


On our websites, visitors discover strong evidence about the person of Jesus Christ, leading to a complete, compelling gospel presentation and spiritual growth resources.

What We Do

JesusOnline Ministries uses state-of-the-art Internet technologies, including Google Adwords, to pose questions about Jesus to people throughout the world on thousands of websites, such as Facebook and CNN.com. These questions include:

Was Jesus a real person? Is Jesus God?
Are the Gospels true? Did Jesus rise from the dead?
Was Jesus the Messiah? Is Jesus relevant today?

Those readers whose interest is piqued follow the link to a corresponding article on one of our websites. These free articles present strong evidence about the person of Jesus Christ and for the reliability of the New Testament. Each article takes the reader on a thought-provoking journey, which leads to a comprehensive presentation of the gospel. Visitors are encouraged to submit comments and questions for personal follow up.

Additionally, JesusOnline Ministries equips the international church (individuals, missionaries, and pastors) by providing free, downloadable discipleship materials, online Bibles, and other Christ-centered resources. Thousands of these resources have been provided to seekers, believers, and Christian leaders.

Since 2005, JesusOnline has reached more than 38 million people from 241 countries and territories with the truth of Jesus Christ. In 2015 alone, nearly 7.5 million people came to our websites in search of answers to their questions about God. Additionally, an untold number of people have been impacted through the downloadable articles and resources available through our websites.

JesusOnline Ministries is unique in that we seek to answer the tough questions about Christianity to overcome doubt and strengthen faith. We present a more in-depth, yet easy to understand, gospel message for those cultures that have little foundational context for comprehending shorter presentations.

As of June 2016, there were an estimated 3.6 billion Internet users worldwide. That number is growing exponentially in developing countries, which provides greater opportunity each year to reach a larger number of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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