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My law teacher says “Jesus didn’t exist.”

Cyrus, a Canadian high school student, was shocked. His law teacher had just proclaimed that Jesus was a myth.

The students were powerless to stand up to his skepticism. But Cyrus decided to look for evidence to support the New Testament. While conducting a search on the Internet, he discovered JesusOnline’s primary outreach website:

After reading the article entitled “Was Jesus a real person?” he commented:

“Thanks so much for this article. I have a law teacher in my high school, who has repeatedly said in front of the entire class that “there is no historical evidence that proves that Jesus Christ has ever lived.”

In the past I have never had rock solid evidence for him. I hope that when I give him a copy of this article, he will start to be less critical of the Christian faith, and I pray that in time he will come to know Christ.”

We then emailed Cyrus further evidence for both the existence of Jesus and his resurrection. He replied:

“Thanks once again for your website and for the additional information. I spoke with my teacher about it and he said he would read the article.

I also referred him to your website to check out other articles and he said he would check it out.  I’ve found that your website has been very effective in silencing the critics at my school as well. I try to gently refer them to your website.  I can honestly say that some of them have stopped criticizing Christianity and are actually standing up for it if someone is making fun of it.  Also one of the things that overjoys me is that there is less hostility and now they’re asking questions about it with an attitude of learning. Thanks.”

Cyrus found our website through his active search on the Internet. But we also reach people who are surfing the web for unrelated reasons, perhaps reading news articles or other information on popular websites like, (Toronto), or CNN.

Through Google advertising, we place ads on these sites that ask provocative questions such as “Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?” Clicking on the ad connects the reader to a corresponding article on, our primary outreach website.

After reading the evidence about Jesus, some of our recent visitors have commented:

“This was amazing. I feel as though I learned more in these few minutes of reading than I have in years of going to church. The examples and explanations were wonderful. I can’t thank you enough.” — Peg

“This was hugely useful to me. I was really wavering, I questioned so much about my faith and was reading Dawkins, Darwin and moving away from Jesus. This morning I was reading a newspaper on line and saw a link to your site and clicked on to it. It was truly divine intervention. The questions I had were answered quietly, with fact and with historical substance and backing. I feel more whole again, the void can be filled. Thank you so very much for enlightening me.” — Tony

“This is a wonderful article and I am so glad I have read it, and I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.” — Sally

A visitor from a Spanish-speaking country recently wrote [translated], “I am helped by these articles. I loved the way they challenged each of the attacks and showed that Jesus is the Son of God! Thank you for helping me to know more about our God!”

“Thank you for these incredible words that have touched my heart. I give my life to Jesus Christ and the joy I feel is immeasurable.” — Glenda

“I have read your column and it has inspired me to seek Christ, knowing what I have read is truth.  Thank you so much.” — Gene

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