South America

Ornella was questioning the existence of God . . .

Ornella from Brazil had grown up with a strong belief in Christ. But a few years ago, she began to have serious doubts, not only about Jesus, but also about whether God even exists. This troubled her deeply. But then she came across an ad about Jesus on the Internet that intrigued her. She clicked on the link and discovered the website, where she found solid evidence about Jesus and the reliability of the New Testament.

She then wrote to us:

“This article has touched me deeply. These last couple of years I have been going through a difficult phase: I started questioning the very existence of God and having serious doubts. For no reason at all the strong faith that guided me all through my life, somehow got weaker and weaker and the doubts got stronger and stronger. This situation caused me deep sorrow but I didn’t know how to overcome the turmoil I was creating for myself. By chance I came across your article and I kept reading it for several days – it seems to answer all my questions and it is helping to dissipate the confusion. I am sure God put you on my path! Thank you with all my heart!”


“It’s very interesting what you propose here and your researchers are good . . . it is very helpful to know of God and Jesus and also for those who do not know him. God bless you.”    – Andrea, Ecuador

“Thank you for the truth you have made public at no cost to us. I have never read anything so wonderfully concise and historically proven, implying that the Bible is the Truth. God bless you all richly.”   – Jorge, Chile

“These pages are really very interesting. I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God.”  – AnÃbal, Paraguay