Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?


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“After Jesus was executed, his followers were suddenly galvanized from a baffled and cowering group into people whose message about a living Jesus…eventually changed an empire. Something happened… But exactly what?”
Peter Steinfels, New York Times




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Martelle, South Africa
“Thank you for this marvelous article, I rate it 10/10.”

Asrat, Swaziland
“I was astounded, and found that this is the most profound writing I ever read in my life.”

Lakshantha, Sri Lanka
“I have never come across such scholarly work, which provides facts for people to decide for themselves.”

Dimitrios, Australia
“Absolutely fascinating. I was in tears at the simplicity and logic that I had never been able to put into words.”

Table of Contents

1. How Was Jesus’ Death Different from Others
2. Can We Explain Away the Resurrection?
3. What If the Resurrection Really Happened?

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