Y-Origins Magazine


Y-Origins is a single-issue magazine that reveals what leading scientists are now saying about the big bang, DNA, and the intricate complexity of life. This 100 page, full-color, 8.5X11 magazine, illustrated with dramatic photos and contemporary graphics, will help both youth and adults understand the opposing sides of the intelligent design issue so their decisions about God and their purpose for life can be based upon solid intellectual facts.



Articles included in Y-Origins magazine

Back to the Beginning (click to view)
Scientists find a beginning of the cosmos

What Are the Odds? (click to view)
Only Earth seems suitable for life

Options for Origins (click to view)
Chance, multiple universes, or design?

The Problem with Half An Eye (click to view)
Complex organs point to intelligent design

The Language of Our Cells (click to view)
DNA defies Darwinian explanation

The Case of the Missing Links (click to view)
Scientists can’t find Darwin’s predicted fossils

The Human Enigma (click to view)
Human brain confounds evolutionists

Imagine the Designer (click to view)
The Designer’s DNA seen in the universe

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