Changing Lives

When people discover the truth about Jesus, their hearts respond.

Encouraging Rededication

Jordaan, South Africa

“Thank you so much for this insight! I was actually on the brink of killing myself a week ago and somehow found myself drawn to God instead. These words on paper have given me renewed hope and I thank you all. I praise Jesus! Thanks!” [replied]


“This article has helped me a lot. I was so very intense in my depression and into other peoples problems that I forgot about god. I am going through very hard times right now, but I know he is still there for me.”

Jerry, Dubai United Arab Emirates

“Thank you for allowing me to find the way to return to God’s graces. I was raised in the Church as a child but life steered me away from the truth. I have accepted God’s gift and ask that you guys pray for me. Again, THANK YOU. Your friend in Christ.”


“I am really enjoying this set of articles. I am hungry for a recommitment of my faith as a christian – this is excellant than you so much for the refresher, my hunger led me to Christ and this kind of information confirmed what was in my spirit – thank you, thank you.”

Scott, Australia

“What you’ve written here has brought me to tears; you’ve so beautifully presented Christ. I have committed my life to him again, and felt such a great excitement in my purpose. Reading this has inspired me to walk out of the shadows and run towards my God.”


“This website helps me understand who is the real Jesus. I really thank God for this. It is teaching me new things about Jesus of Nazareth and makes me realize that I need to rededicate my life to him.


“Thanks for what you wrote about God and Jesus Christ. It helped me a lot because I wanted to become a Muslim, but I cannot leave Jesus…better I will die a Christian with Jesus in my heart!!”


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have been searching for this type of site/book and I found it. I am bringing Jesus back into my life and I am so excited to begin a new life!”

Manuel, Mexico

“I have congratulated myself for having the fortune for reading your excellent article, a very convincing treatise of scholarly work on Jesus. This is exactly what I was looking for in order to send a copy (if I may), to each one of my friends who are losing the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m about to be re-converted to Christianity! Thank you all for this.”


“After reading this, I spent no time surrendering myself back to God. I realized it was not too late to repent and asked for forgiveness of all my sins. I felt suddenly the strong confidence that God will accept me back.”

Herman, South Africa

“Yesterday I felt ‘down’ and started to surf the net. I eventually stumbled across this article which changed my thoughts and it made me realize that if C.S. Lewis can change, there is nothing stopping me to get back on the right track and accept Jesus in my life again.”


“I have often felt clueless as to the reason I am here. This article gave me hope that I have lost. It has given me a renewed desire to get back in to God’s Word. This is the first time I have read such an article in the way it was presented. It is very easy to articulate and is well written for anyone. I’m still missing something. I want to grow in God’s Word in new depths that I never have before.”  [replied]

Alex, Great Britain

“I have read most of the articles on the website and it has started a catalyst within me to determine what my purpose in life is. It was great to read other individual perspectives rather than have a lecture from a scholar.”


“I have really gotten a blessing out of your teaching. I’ve been a christian for about 35 yrs but have needed a new refreshing look at Jesus. thank you.”

Graham, Saudi Arabia

“Thank you, Thank you. I have been so busy just trying to get on with life, provide for the family etc, I have become so lost & felt so unloved & really fearful that God was ready to punish me for all my wrongs, I had forgotten that He loves me no matter & how he has given His son for me. I have just prayed that Jesus will take my life & change me & refresh me into a new person who has a real relationship with my creator. My life is not worth anything without Him. I pray that He will fill the void in my life. He is my only hope. I pray that he will allow me to hear his word in my life. I’m on my knees to my father.”

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