Changing Lives

When people discover the truth about Jesus, their hearts respond.

Inspiring Faith in Jesus

Robert, Japan

I accept Jesus as my Saviour, Son of Man, Son of God, my Lord, our God.”

Naol, Ethiopia

“I believe in Jesus and pray to him to get everlasting life. I am happy when I read from this website.

Suvrajit, India

I am born in the hindu family. I believe in Christ as my personal saviour and am going to be baptized very soon.”

Christian, Bangladesh

Thank you for making these articles available on the web. I hope to use them with my grade 10 science classes in Bangladesh. It is so important to show [the students] that there is intellectual evidence that supports what we believe.

Omotayo, Nigeria

“The Extreme Living discipleship booklet is wonderful and contains many things a Christian needs to run the race successfully. I will recommend it for the youth of my church. Thank you.”

Rosita, Philippines

“I find your articles very informative and enlightening and can serve as reference in my evangelization work in making others know more about Jesus; that with Jesus life is fulfilling and has a purpose.”

Chris, India

“I appreciate you for the real Truth you are propagating. I have personally learnt so much Truth refuting all the fictional accounts being spread. Now I can answer questions about Jesus because of this website. Thank you.”

Diana, India

“I have read your articles on and really appreciate them. I have translated your article, “Is Jesus God?” in Marathi and wish to publish to people who don’t know Christ. I will find pleasure spreading the good news.”

Pastor Moses

“I am reaching the unreached people group of Himalayan Hills. I would like to receive some of the articles in Hindi as a free gift. It will be great Blessing to us and for this ministry.”

Ali, Philippines

“What a great article. It has helped me to understand many things and gives clarity of the arguments against a living Savior. Now I will be able to better serve as a Bible teacher and point others to Jesus as Savior and Lord.”

Welton, Malawi

“It’s a life changing article, and I have been inspired by it.”

Orut, Uganda

I want be a man of God and to follow Jesus.

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