Changing Lives

When people discover the truth about Jesus, their hearts respond.

Intriguing Seekers

Jayablan, India

“I’m a Hindu from India. I’m not religious, but am attracted to Jesus and interested to know Him. Please tell me more about Him.”


“I am a 21-year-old Somali boy living in Kenya. I want to be Christian, but my father will kill me. Please advise me.[We shared how to receive Christ, advising him to seek out other believers and leave home if necessary.]


“This website answered questions I’ve wanted to know for so long. I’m Hindu but am drawn towards Christ. Having been born in a Hindu family, my parents could never answer my questions about him. I am very glad to come across your website and I want to know more about Christ and Christianity.“


“Being a non Christian, I think this article has helped my urge & fascination to know about Jesus.”

Jessica, Australia

“Your website is fantastic. It answered a lot of the questions I have had in my mind for the longest time, questions that have prevented me from accepting Christ.” [2nd comment 5 months after our reply]: I’m happy to inform you that I’ve accepted Christ. I’m attending church every week now and have learned a great deal from the sermons and my fellow Christians. I’ve also begun to read the bible. Thank you!”


I was really lost, but reading this has led me to where my life was longing, and I’m very happy.”

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