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Overcoming Skepticism


“Having spent nearly my entire adulthood as a devout believer in God, but skeptical of the Divinity of Jesus, you need to know that the last couple hours have been some of the best hours of my life. Your articles on the Christ have removed all the skepticism that has plagued me all these years.”


“It’s the best I’ve ever read. My name is doubting Thomas but after reading all of these facts I’m a true believer. He died on the cross for  ALL OUR SINS.”


“I have been an atheist for many years and an avid follower of Dawkins and Sam Harris. However, I finally began to wonder how I can be against something I know little or nothing about. Still, ever the skeptic, I began studying theology, the bible and listened to many preachers of the gospel but the doubts remained. This article broached Christ’s death and resurrection from a very well researched and common sense explanation of the historical data. For the first time ever I know have serious doubts about my old way of thinking and look forward to more articles like this to aid in my education. “

Derek, Canada

“Hello, I’m a 17-year-old boy named Derek from Canada. I have so much to say, so I will try to put it in words as best I can. Until now, I had almost zero belief in life after death or there being a God. After reading ‘Is Jesus God?’ I became intrigued; the possibility of an afterlife/God in my mind had grown substantially. Reading a few other articles, the possibility seems to grow more and more. Until now, I would never agree to there being a God, but I would also never wholly refute it. I would like to thank you, for this website has given me reason to believe. Beginning to understand God’s ‘master plan,’ so to speak, has filled me with…hope. Your website has impacted my life, as it differs from what most religious sites spit out.  Now I feel like I want nothing more in life than to believe in God, to make him happy, follow Jesus’ teachings and be the best Christian I can be. I’m not sure if this site is trying to convert non-believers, but in a small way (very large in my mind) you’ve ‘converted’ me.”


“I can’t thank you enough for this website. I was NEVER able to understand all the ‘buzz’ surrounding Jesus Christ. Your excellent articles have changed that forever, overwhelmingly and unquestionably. You see, I’m a 46-year-old computer engineer, and without a concise, logical explanation about Jesus’ life, death, origins and purposes, I could never accept all that ‘buzz’ about how great He was or how important it was to follow His teachings. Without evidence to quench my skeptical mind, ‘blind faith’ looked like folly to me. I have studied your articles with such intensity and hunger over the past weeks. Now and at last, I can freely believe & follow Jesus for what He really was, and is. Thank you doesn’t say enough, but I sincerely do thank you. May God bless you in your works, so that they may reach many more lost souls such as mine.”

Kozue, Japan

“Hello, I am 21 years old and have suffered from New Age thoughts for almost 1 year. Please pray I can reach out to Jesus and have a confidence not only in my heart but also in my mind. Sometimes I feel New Age is better than Christianity because I cannot refute them…”  [replied]

Sjahril, Indonesia

“Thanks to this website I am indeed very blessed. Honestly though I’m a Christian (I am 41), I have doubted whether Jesus is 100 percent GOD. I have not found the answer to many questions. Through this great website, I believe Jesus is Lord and savior of the world. May the Lord open the eyes of many readers reading this who are often hesitant of Jesus.”

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