Changing Lives

When people discover the truth about Jesus, their hearts respond.

Providing Clarity


“I first visited this website as I was being led to give my life to Jesus. This website and the Y-Origins website finally answered the many perplexing questions I had struggled with throughout my life. Yes I was a doubting Thomas, I needed real evidence that both the creation story was real and that Jesus was a real person that lived, died and was raised from death as He said He would be.”


This site has completely changed my life. Now I understand that God has been there before, is here now & will continue to be with us forever.”

Nwabueze, Mali

“No one has ever explained the word of God to me the way you did in this article. Now I know that I’ve been denying myself the privilege of accepting my creator the way I’ve been created to do. Maybe because of my fear that I’m not worthy or because I’ve never in my entire life thought about this free gift the way you explained it today. Thank you.”


“This answered many questions I’ve had and has given me hope. I prayed the prayer at the end.

Tihana, Croatia

“Last night I came upon these pages by chance – stayed reading it almost until morning – realized this is what I seek for. I know a lot about our Christian belief, but here it is so well organized, logical, interesting and given in a loving way. Thanks! I will keep connecting pieces of the puzzle!”

Damilola, Egypt

“From the beginning to the end of all this message, its so inspiring, Im offloaded of tension and worries. Im beginning to see life in another way around. Thank the Lord Jesus who loves me and calls me into light to live a life worthy of honor. Forever I will remain committed to His word.”


“I accept Christ’s sacrifice for our salvation. But why would an all loving God symbolize forgiveness for mankind by choosing the most horrible, painful, humiliating form of death known to mankind at that time”  [replied]


“Your way of telling the facts in the Bible should prove to all that there is no doubt that Jesus is Lord and Savior.”

Mark, Jamaica

“A very good article indeed, and although I do believe that Jesus is the son of God I do have some questions that have been haunting me. If Christ was both a man and a god would it then not rendered the temptation by the devil meaningless because he was a god he would overcome all temptations. I look forward eagerly to your response. Thank you.”  [replied]

Michael, Tanzania

“The article has clarified many things in regard to my personal relation with the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to learn more about him daily. May God’s grace bless you abundantly.”


I’m crying.

Naim, Mauritius

I’m a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Regardless of our differing views, we can and should work hand in hand. We hold Jesus with great reverence. He is mentioned with great honour in the Quran. However, mainstream Muslims believe Jesus is alive in Heaven and due to come in latter days to kill non-muslims. This opposes common sense and freedom of religion. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter with a spirit of sharing. I’d be honoured to personally hear from you. Thanks.”  [replied]

Dulce, Philippines

“JESUS has answered all the questions I have about existence, where I came from, why I am here now and where I am definitely going. JESUS is all I need.”

Duan, New Zealand

“This article was an answer to a recent prayer, “Lord help me to have a better understanding of how I can best serve you” It reiterated and simplified the reasons for my conviction to be a Christian, and helped me to clarify my next steps in my relationship with God.

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