Changing Lives

When people discover the truth about Jesus, their hearts respond.

Strengthening Faith

Christopher, Nigeria

“This article has indeed been very helpful in strengthening and reinforcing my faith and the purpose and fulfillment of life in striving to imitate the ways of Christ as revealed in the Scriptures. The free gift of grace fills the void of uncertainties and self guilt that make life boring and purposeless. I could not stop reading and I didn’t know when the hours flew, even though I stumbled unto it by chance.”

Beata, Namibia

“Today I was feeling really lost – not knowing who I am, why I do whatever it is that I do. I am constantly depressed and unhappy with a heavy sense of unfulfulfiment and lack of direction. I also struggle to connect Jesus with or to God and praying in his name is far-fetched for me. today I decided to do internet search about self discovery and that is how I ended up reading halfway through the Y-Jesus article and printing the whole series. without completing reading the whole series I feel a sense of hope that I am in the right direction and I want to finish the article prayerfully with a desperate yearning to discover myself and God & Jesus in real so that I really live. “

Ecel, Philippines

“What I’ve just read simply strengthened my faith in our Risen Lord Jesus Christ. Before, the same questions came to my mind. But now, all the questions were answered.”


“I am a Filipino Catholic working in Saudi Arabia. These articles really strengthen my faith in Jesus. What I’ve read about the meaning of Life and its Purpose gives me a better understanding why I was born, why I am here and where I will go after. Thank you for this Spiritual Food that I have read.”


“I must thank you for strengthening my faith in Jesus Christ. You helped me realize the importance of Jesus in my life. Your analogy of the courtroom screen is what I found most striking. I realized I could not escape the effect of my sins and I really needed someone to pay that debt. Realizing that someone as blameless and spotless as Jesus Christ paid the price for my sins made tears well up in my eyes. Even as I type out these words, I am still feeling the same way like I did when I first read that statement. I really don’t know what to say even at this stage. But, I know that I needed to be saved. The full impact of Jesus’ actions hasn’t yet sunk in, but I will try to recover from feeling this way and live a more worthy life from now on. Thank you again.”

Julius, Nigeria

“The articles have helped my faith in God and now I believe I have a very strong faith as a child of God. God bless you.”

Kim, Philippines

“It clears my unquenchable thirst for knowledge about JESUS, only almost 2 weeks ago, I almost began to doubt about TRUE GOD and JESUS, when I came across a journal written from an Atheist. I had spent many sleepless nights since I began reading that journal claiming JESUS the MESSIAH is the one with 666, and the mark on forehead which is the sign of a CROSS is Evil. Had I not came across your site, Am afraid my Faith had been weakened or worse, is lost. Thank you very much for restoring back my faith to HIM. You have not only restored my FAITH but STRENGTHENED it! In JESUS NAME.”


“Read through ‘Was Jesus a real person?’ It has encouraged me in my faith and walk in Jesus. Thank you for putting this on the net.”


“I nearly lost my Christianity because of the different views in the internet. When I read this article I tell you honestly, I cried. I know Jesus can forgive me because He directed me to this article and now my faith in Him grows stronger. I can’t thank you enough.” [2nd comment]: I’ve downloaded all your articles. Thank you very much. I didn’t expect to find so much treasure in this site. The internet that destroys my faith in Jesus has rescued me from the abyss of death. I’m still crying. Hallelujah!!!!!!!”

A.T., South Africa

“Thank you so very much. I was struggling with my faith to the point that I had given up hope. There were too many questions that I could not get the answers to. After reading this article some of those fundamental questions were answered. My faith has been restored and yes I still have a long way to go but at least I am back on track and am going to give it my all. I will continue using this web site to hopefully get all my questions answered. Thank you and keep up the excellent work and service you are doing.”

N. M., Philippines

“Tired from reading news from the Philippine Daily Inquirer (on the net), I chanced to browse the ‘Y-Jesus: The Facts about Jesus Presented by Scholars’ because of those very ‘daring’ questions. After reading almost all of the articles, my faith in God is wonderfully enhanced and it strengthened my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. May you continue to develop this site. I’m sure many out there who just consider Jesus as good moral leader will come to know Him as the Messiah, Healer, Sanctifier, Saviour and coming King!”

Kosmas, Indonesia

“This story makes me grow deep in faith of my King, My Lord, and my Salvator, Jesus Christ. Jesus is Truly God.”

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