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When people discover the truth about Jesus, their hearts respond.

Strengthening Faith

Naina, India

“I was overjoyed when I came across this website. As a believer with many non-believer family members and friends, I’m attacked many a time with very interesting, yet difficult to answer questions. It’s so refreshing to see that there ARE answers! That even though the essence of Christianity is “Faith”, and for me that really is enough, when you want to spread the good news to others they will essentially have questions. I am no longer forced to hold my peace but can actively answer them directly. Thank you for this gift!”

Samuel, India

“Excellent article. It is in response to my prayers last night wherein I have prayed to my Lord help me to study and understand His word to be in His service and be a part of the great commission to serve Him.”

F.H., Malta

You’ve proved to me that Jesus is the Son of God. Your website depicts the Son of God as He really is. He is on the internet, thanks to you, for anyone who wants to reach out for Him. Thank you.”

S.D., India

“Hi, I’m writing from India. As you probably know it is the motherland of Hinduism, a huge Muslim population and a Christian minority. I often get into a situation where I have to defend my faith as most people tell me I follow a myth that lacks any credible historical proof. Your website has finally given me ammunition. But what is more important is that your website has given me information I have searched for to clear this nagging feeling that says “Maybe the whole thing isn’t true after all…maybe someone just made Christianity up.” Thanks for making me a stronger believer.”


“Wonderful, wonderful material! Finding this material is a blessing. It serves as a great summary, which I will print, then reference often as a guide in my daily walk with God. I thank you for the opportunity to download the guide, and am so happy to have inadvertently stumbled across this Internet site.


“After going through your website, I had a better understanding of Christianity. Many of my unanswered queries were answered in a very systematic way. More importantly, this website helps to increase faith in Jesus.


“I’ve read some disturbing books and seen movies that contradict Christianity. At times, I ask myself the most alarming question, ‘What if…?’ However, reading Y-Jesus has re-affirmed my belief, awakened me spiritually, and tasked me to re-examine my relationship with God. May the spirit of God influence other people’s lives also.”

Alvaro, Colombia

“This website increases our faith and trust in Jesus.”


“Thank you so much for this resource. I have been a Christian for about a decade now, but I have moments where I question my faith. I’m a high school English teacher, and it seems like religion is lost on this generation. I wear a Jesus fish around my neck, and the students bully me for being a “mindless sheep” and often tell me they “thought I was smart but lost respect for me” due to my beliefs. I feel the information on this site has given me armor. I feel protected knowing the truth that has been made available to me, and for that, I thank you.”

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