Recent Testimonies

Frevil, Dadiangas, Philippines

I have read your article and I am stunned of what i have read, I would conclude that Jesus is really a Son of God and resurrected 3 days later from His death on the cross. . . thnx for this article and continue your research and share it for many people thnx again and God Bless.

Mercedes, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Very well written. It has strengthened my faith in Him.

Jose, Urquia, Nigeria

Out of curiosity I started reading this article I accidentally came across while looking at the news in the internet of the rare transit of planet Venus across the sun. I was surprised to my reaction to the article, because as I started to read it page by page I cannot stop tears from filling my eyes. I thank you, whoever you people are in the Y-JESUS Society for affirming that. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ’s blessings be upon you all. Praise be to God!

Matthew, Ghana

I’ve really been blessed, changed, and touched as a result of the newsletter you have been sending. May HE bless you, amen


Your article changed me from a skeptic to a believer. I wish I could have read it when I was nine years old. No one at my church could answer my questions. That was over sixty years ago, when information was much harder to come by, especially for a child in a small southern town. Thank heaven for the Internet and your marvelous use of it!


Hi, I was thirsty and needed a cup of water But God who is able to way actions gave me a fountain. Jesus online is nothing less than fountain to me.

Pastor, Gimba, Nigeria

This is incredibly ,this article has changed my life entirely, please keep it up.

Gemechu, Ethiopia

Amazing! God richly bless you. I have read and gained spiritual and also in scientific perspective understanding about Jesus. Wow that’s great!

Daisy, Thimphu, Bhutan

I was four years old when my both parents died, I believed budhism, Nothing was going right for my life, full of struggles and sorrows, no body knew when my life would change, my brothers and sister rejected but I hope god will show me the way.

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