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If you saw God drawing people from all nations to Himself in an innovative, effective way, would you join Him?

We’re praying that God will reach at least 10 million people through JesusOnline in 2016.

Why Join Us?

As you peruse the pages of this website, you will see how God is using JesusOnline Ministries to communicate the truth about Jesus to people all over the world.

The Internet has become the Roman Road of this era for taking the Gospel to the farthest corners of the earth. For many people, especially in closed countries, it may be the only way they will ever hear the truth about Jesus.

JesusOnline Ministries is unique and effective because:

  • Less than 10¢ reaches one person with the truth about Jesus Christ.
  • Our websites reveal persuasive evidence about the person of Jesus Christ, leading to a complete and compelling gospel presentation.
  • Our articles and downloadable resources gain entry to many closed countries in a cost effective and secure manner.
  • There are no printing or shipping costs, customs restrictions are avoided, and content may be viewed in privacy.
  • We easily reach people in many areas that are highly unsafe for traditional missionaries.
  • We provide ongoing study and discipleship to those who desire it through our email newsletters (currently with more than 50,000 subscribers) and by providing website visitors with personal follow up to their comments and questions by our Discipleship Pastor and his team.

More than 38 million people have visited our websites to date. In the next hour, another 900 people will visit. They may be from Indonesia, India, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Afghanistan, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, France,Turkey, Haiti, Argentina—or any of the other 200+ countries and territories we reach each month.

Hearts respond when the truth is discovered. Maria from Australia explains how her life was changed:

“When I visited it was to further my skepticism that the Bible was a lie, or so I thought. You’ve really no idea how hard my heart was and how much I hated Christians. After spending six hours reading…my eyes have been opened and I’ve asked God to come into my life. How this happened I do not know and I won’t question it. I just feel it in the deepest part of my being and the joy I feel can’t be described. THANK YOU.”

The pages of this website contain many more examples of what God is doing through JesusOnline Ministries.

We hope you will join us in praying that God will reach at least 10 million people through JesusOnline in 2016.

Amazingly, the average cost to reach one person is less than 10 cents!

The cost efficiency of the Internet allows more than 1,000 people to discover the truth about Jesus for every $100 invested.  Will you prayerfully consider joining with us to reach many more people?

So that all may hear,

Larry Chapman
Founder and President

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