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Theobald, Tanzania

This prayers inspire me very much. I am very blessed with it.

Prince, India

This app and website refreshes and renews my personal relation with Him. Please keep on doing His good works.

Derek, England

I have committed my life to Christ. I like this Gospel presentation and will share it on my Timeline. Blessings

Suzanne, Canada

I felt the need to read it again & again to absorb it.

Benjamin, Myanmar

Really inspired me.

Evelyn, England

Helped me realize God never ever leaves me 🙂

Holly, United States

Your website has lifted my soul as it glorifies God. May He bless you as you have blessed me!

Martin, Kenya

This came at the right time when I felt like am very far away from God… I felt no connection at all my spiritual level has gone so down bt this morning I have realized how much God loves me…

Scaria, India

Heartfelt thanks for the help you have given me through the message and the video. They helped me very much to deepen my personal relationship with Jesus.

Sleek, Belize

It reminded me of how much the Lord cares for me.