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R. Mtukudzi, Zimbabwe

I have often questioned the role of Jesus in the divine chain of command but for reasons that I can only put down to pure faith rather than on research as the scholars and skeptics cited in this presentation did. I found myself always believing in Jesus. But this presentation has been the seal to my faith. thank you.

Asif Y.

Greetings, Your website is awesome, it has helped me a lot in solving questions. Keep on sending me emails. Thank you. God bless you.

Linda, North America

It helped me to feel closer to God through the prayer and accepting Jesus as my Savior and Lord! And I am ready to accept Jesus into my Life to have Eternal Life with God in Heaven and my Loved Ones who have gone on before me!

Rachael, Zambia

l have really been motivated spiritually and physically.

Chabota, Zambia

My relationship with Jesus Christ has been strengthened.

Kulee, Liberia

This website has helped build up my faith by helping me find answers to some questions that come up frequently when I read the bible.

Naresh, India

I feel peace in my mind & strengthen to my soul.

Meslyn, Papua New Guinea

Very good one. Help a lot with my personal relationship with God.

Peter, Kenya

This website has really given me hopes of a brighter future.

Teresita, Philippines

Thank you Jesus On line… this page really helps people to enlighten and know Jesus.