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Alexander, Uganda

I have successfully completed and gave Jesus my life.

Siaffa, Liberia

It has help build my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kirk, Europe

Thanks allowing to get new life in Christ.

Jerry, Uganda

The website has helped to know God more.

Martin, Papua New Guinea

I want to know more about the truth.

Susannah, Virgin Islands

Stumbling over this article was a blessing for me. I was here worrying about meeting my needs this month and the months to come, but this article assured me to continue to put my trust in God. Also, to continue to help others who are in need because this is the reason for me been on this earth.

Abdirazak, Nairobi

Thank you for making me to understand deeply and comprehensively Who is Jesus Christ .

Patience, Ghana

I love Jesus I want take Jesus has my life and my personal savior.

Geoffrey, Kenya

This shows me how I must believe in Jesus for he prooved to us that there is only one GOD in which we must believe and rejoice in him forever.

Papua New Guinea

Thank you for the friendly reminder for me to renew my faith and to regrow my christian life.