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Rubin O., India

Praise be to God! I would like to say thank you to whoever wrote or helped write this article, it was a blessing to me and I will be sending it to a Muslim friend of mine right after Im done writing this. Lord bless you, Rubin

Alexandra, Philippines

This is really helpful not only to me but to all people. I was amazed that this site just appeared, it was like a miracle that God created. This is awesome! I wanted to be in heaven with God 🙂

Ajayi N., Nigeria

I have that this is a wonderful article. I never doubted Jesus death and resurrection but this makes it all care. I’m definitely sharing this.

Jerry, United States

Very moving and quite understandable message. I have been witnessing to friends recently and will be sharing this video with them. Thank you and God Bless in these trying times today. God is Good all the time.


Amen. It strengthens me physically emotionally and spiritually!Praise the Lord, and my Savior Jesus Christ.Amen.

Joan, South Africa

Made me feel good and whole again. Amen

Khama, Malawi

It has encourage and transform my life.

Chona, Philippines

Every night before I sleep, I always open your website.

Mario, United States

It is very enlightening and awakening for day to day life. I really enjoy watching and listening to the video. Thank you very much.

Marcele, United States

This message straightened my belief all the more. I have always believed. Church has always been in my life. Thank You.