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Rwakijuma, Uganda

I am a Christian and I love Jesus. This article has strengthened my faith in what I believe. Very nice piece. I pray that many doubting Thomas’ read it. God bless.

Thomas, Uganda

The Note has deepened my understanding of religion.And makes me feel satisfied that I am on the right course as a Born Again Christian. Thank you Jesus for being in my life.


This article helped me realize once again that i only need Jesus in my life to fill it with meaning. This is like another wake up call. Thank you so much. 🙂

Zack, Africa

Great piece there. faith strengthening. Doubt relieving.

David, Nigeria

Honestly this article is so rich and well researched. More than any other I have read in recent times, it has strengthened my faith. Thanks for this well researched article. Am very grateful.

Frank, Nigeria

This article has increase my faith in Jesus. Before now i use to doubt Jesus resurrection even though i am a christian. After reading this article, i am 100% sure of it authenticity.

Keith, Canada

“Your article has shown me clearly why Jesus died for all of us.He is the only way to get too heaven.Your article has given me clarity.I am a ongoing work in progress. Thanks

Rebecca, North America

Reassured my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

Gordon, Antiqua

I found this video very vital in these troubling times. Thanks. May God richly bless you.

Helen, Zambia

I have enjoyed reading this and accepting Jesus into my Life. Amen