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I was encouraged to recommit my life to Christ. Thank you for providing another opportunity.

Maria, Philippines

This will help me more to learn about the Words of God to make my Faith more steadfast as a Christian.

Margaret, Kuwait

Yes this webpage I know it can help me a lot ways for me to walk with God. I love it.

Joy, Kuwait

This help me to receive Jesus, and to know more about God.

Cristine, Hong Kong

I wanted to know more bout God..thanks I watched the video and this will help me more.

Gloria, Philippines

Thank you for opening doors for me to further enrich my relationship with JESUS CHRIST.

May, Philippines

Thank you for guiding me to accept Jesus in my life.

Salomy, Malawi

This is a great way for having a perfect relationship with God.

Roy, Philippines

I’m inspired

Kimberly, United States

This site helped me better understand how to communicate with god what all I need to include in my prayer & better understanding on spiritual faith & how its different then natural faith 🙂