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John, Tanzania

Haleluyah, Thanks to our Lord Jesus that I read the article. The article raises my believe to Jesus Christ as God. Thanks and be blessed.

Idobise, Nigeria

Nigeria Love this article really motivating..

Matthew, Nigeria

What I read concerning Jesus today straightens my faith in Jesus as my LORD and my God.

Mtambi, Tanzania

The article strengthens my faith in God and His Christ!

Joseph, Philippines

Thanks for the article. It deepens my understanding of who Christ is.

Felix, South Africa

Rejuvenating, revitalizing, energizing. I am firmly convinced that Jesus Christ is God.

Emmanuel, Zambia

Great inspiring information.

Janet, Nigeria

It is so wonderful I enjoy it. It makes know more about Jesus Christ that He Himself is a God . And it give me more faith.

Melwil, India

I was struggling with the Resurrection of Jesus, so much so that I had decided not to give it much thought. But reading this article brought in me a hope that there is a life in the future and I don’t need to despair in the present.

Mary, United Kingdom

This has filled in a lot of the blanks for me.