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Nathaniel, Liberia

It has greatly increased my faith in Jesus Christ.

Jane, South Africa

Thank you so much for the inspiration, makes me feel good and stronger my faith.

Engr, Nigeria

You have strengthened my faith in Jesus at a time where confusion of what the true religion really is abound. Thank you so much.

Chance, Rwanda

Thank you for the amazing video, i prayed the prayer and opened the door of my life and receive Jesus as my savior and lord.
Please kindly send me more videos and prayers. God bless you.

John, Kenya

I can now stand confidently than I was against any argument that stands against the knowledge of GOD.

Noel, Ghana

My faith is strengthened and I feel refreshed.

Christine, United States

This video has reinforced me. I enjoyed the video. Thank you. God. Bless. Amen

Yohannes, Ethiopia

Really it is an amazing analysis ever I have seen. now am more confident than before… God bless u for ur sharing!!!!!

Amadi, Nigeria

My faith in the risen Lord greatly strengthened.

Charles, Mauritius

I have enjoyed reading the articles on Jesus Christ. The articles are particularly enlightening because they answer most of the questions I had about the claims and historicity of Jesus Christ. As a young Christian living in a Muslim dominated community in Accra, the capital of Ghana, I find your articles very educative. God bless you.