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Rajendra, Nepal

Thank you for this extremely well written article – it has strengthened my faith.

Nkurikiyimana, Rowanda

It is very interesting and helpful to grasp the love of God and the importance of growing in Jesus’ faith or the spiritual growth.

John, Nigeria

It is a classic article that has brought conviction into my heart. Thanks. Gob bless you.

David, Belize

That was very spiritually inspiring and made me redirect my life to God.

Jackie, Uganda

Thank you for such an inspiring website it gives us courage to move on with Christ, may God richly bless you.

Brenda, United States

Thank you, rededication is so very important to me.

Rita, South Africa

Thank you for the encouranging words. When you feel down and alone Jesus is just a prayer away.

Plato, Zimbabwe

I have made my choice forever.

Stanley, Uganda

I read and accepted Jesus in my life

Thomas, United States

It helped me to remember Christ is always with me. I pray for His continued blessings.