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Faith, Uganda

It has really made me get more strength in God n have faith that he can work for me.

Minnie, Philippines

Yes, it helps me especially now that I wanted to have a more deeper relationship with Lord Jesus. I need your prayers for me. Thank you!

Vivian, North America

This has surely helped me re dedicate my life to our Awesome Loving Holy God Jesus Christ.

Sham, Nigeria

Spirit fulfilling, life saving and eye opening . helping me to remember Gods plan and purpose upon my life. Thank you.

Sangeetaahuja, India

It is giving me peace of mind and spiritual.

Lilia, Philippines

Lift up my spirit. Thank you so much for the good news and giving me a strong faith in God Almighty through Jesus Christ.

Millett, Bermuda

My understanding is clearer and I feel more confident especially in praying.

Nakito, South Africa

It has encouraged me not 2 give up no matter what.

Samakayi, Zambia

It is really interesting program. And it has touched my heart.

Eva, Philippines

The video gives me more inspiration for my spiritual life.