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Iggy, Papa New Guinea

I am inspired with everything here and have taken Jesus Christ into my life.

Anna, India

The Website is beautiful and makes me closer and closer to Jesus.

Leo, Philippines

Very helpful. Gives us assurance and strengthens our faith in God.. Thanks for sharing.


This film really helped me to find my way back to Jesus!

Richard, United States

Great video. I received the Lord Jesus in my life back in the 80’s. It never hurts to rededicate your life to Him from time to time. He has done so many wonderful things in my life.

Melanin, Philippines

This page is very helpful to me in rediscovering Jesus in my life and re-evaluating my spiritual health. Thank you Lord Jesus my Saviour! I want to be just like you!

Godfrey, South Africa

This website helped me to have a deep intimacy with Christ.

Gary, United States

It was a wonderful video, made me cry and i prayed and asked Jesus into my life, i want my life to be the circle on the right, not the left. thank you for this video it was beautiful. Amen & God Bless

Celeste, Philippines

I was inspired! i am now redirecting my life towards Jesus Christ again. I have sinned and was lost. It really took a big problem and reality to wake me up and search for Christ again. For these my heart is filled with sorrow and repentance. From this day onward, I will do all I can to be a good Christian. Your posts are a big help in inspiring me to go on and on and on and be a good person, inside out, Thank you.

Geoffrey, Uganda

Your video helped me rededicate my life to Jesus am now happy again.