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Opio, Uganda

Thank you for this opportunity, in a simple way and in a clear understanding it has paved my way to know Christ and what the Bible has speak to us.

Inedoku, Nigeria

I thank God for this website. I am enlightened and beginning to understand Christ true love for me.

Nicanor, Philippines

The video enable me to have a deeper understanding about God’s plan for salvation and the reason for my existence.

Muhire, Rwanda

This video teaches me to love Jesus with my total heart and to be strong in terms of faith. Thank for posting the life of Jesus online.

Sahr, Sierra Leone

The website has strengthened my faith in God and inspired me greatly to trust in Him alone and obey His commands. It has also confirmed my conviction that no matter what pitfalls I may encounter in my life I should believe that God has good plans for me.

Vipulsagar, India

I am ready to surrender myself completely. The video was really touchable.

Jeri, United States

Really touched me in a way I cannot describe.

Gladys, Malaysia

Thank you. I have rededicated my life to the lord.

Chibale, Zambia

This has helped me, firstly, to rededicate my life to Him. Secondly, it has shown me how I can use the scriptures to witness to those who may have doubts. God bless you all.

George, Nigeria

Great video. It gave me a true understanding of God’s purpose for my life. Thanks.