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Perez, Kenya

This is wonderful. Facts about Jesus presented in a reasonable fashion.The information here truly affirms that Jesus Christ is Lord. Thank you for this and well done for this.

Daniel, Zambia

Thank you so much for such an eye-opening article and a refresher for my christian faith. Thank you so much.


I am a believer. Reading the article has opened a desire to do more studying of the Bible. Thank you.

Edwell, South Africa

This information was very helpful to me, it opened my eyes and see the word of God in a different manner. Thank you very much…

Mugarura, Uganda

My faith has been increased God bless you.

Ngawae, Papua New Guinea

I have been a Christian for a long time, but reading your article moved me to tears. Thank you for your time writing stuff like this. God Bless this site.

Muyiwa, Nigeria

This write up have really remove every doubt in me about Christ resurrection.

Katreena, Philippines

Sometimes when I feel sad, lonely, and/or in doubt, I go read your newsletters because they are sooo eye-opening, rationale, and well-researched. Have strengthened my faith, I was blessed to get in your site. May you continue spreading belief & awareness in Jesus Christ, the world needs it now more than ever!

P E Chung, Mauritius

Is helping me to consolidate my knowledge of the BIBLE and my faith in the existence of a GOD.

Ekari, Malawi

This article has greatly increased my faith in Jesus than before.