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Alyssa, United States

Very inspiring, helps you understand more clearly about the love of Jesus Christ.

Amos, Nigeria

It really help my spritual life it’s what I really need.

Venter, South Africa

A beautiful video – we need something like this from time to time to re-energize our faith.

Juliana, India

Thank you for this prayer to rededicate myself.

Casimir, Nigeria

The write up can melt any hardened soul.

Portia, Trinidad and Tobago

This Website have touch me in my Spirit. I was glad to find this Website and watch the Video, I will spent more time with my Savior daily. Jesus on line you’ll and great. I pray God’s continue Blessings on this Website.

Emma, United States

Drove me closer to God and be reminded of His love and that He is always in control. Amen

Timothy, Nigeria

Tells how advertising on Google drew them in, I was online with my wife when I opened a site on Google and saw the topic “The Facts about Jesus Presented by Scholars”. My wife objected to my opening it, saying we do not seek to know any new thing about Jesus Christ, But as a research Scholar and ardent believer in Jesus Christ, I know that no article can shift my position, but rather re-enforce it. So I went on. And at the end these facts, based on Scholarly work of even non-Christian researchers, made me more rooted in my position.

Jacob, Oceania

Words cannot express how grateful I am for such a well thought and comprehensive defense of the faith.

Mashoven, India

After reading your article I believe more that Jesus is among us, that he is the reason for our existence and our ultimate aim.