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Gilbert, India

Simply wonderful & enlightening.

Madeleine, Bath, United Kingdom

I have found these pages really valuable and interesting.


I’m really touched and I have prayed .Continued spreading the word.

Chris, Sweden

Thanks a lot for this, this site has helped me recognise Jesus in my life, thanks again.

Telesia, New Zealand

This prayer reopened my eyes to see what I didn’t see or refuse to see. I would really love to have a firm personal relationship with God.

Maria, Colombia

Thanks for the video, it help me to believe again that I had a purpose in life, specially on a new stage of my life. Blessings.

Burundi, Zabulon

May Peace and grace be upon you. I’d like to thank you for this article. It helped me so much. After reading this article, I see more evidences of his deity, death and resurrection.

Bobby, Philippines

Very well. It strengthened my Faith that the Messiah, Yahushua Messiah is risen from death. There is resurrection.

Kyle, United States

WOW and WOW! I cried tears of joy as I read your article. It was wonderfully written and absolutely key on point. Thank you and I pray the world will know the information you shared.

Ekimiebi, Nigeria

Amazing articles. I was glued for over 2 hours. Very revealing. I saw Jesus Christ in new ways. Thanks and God bless you. Please keep writing.