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Abraham, Nigeria

I got a lot of revelation about so many questions and mysteries concerning Jesus Christ my saviour. Thanks for fortifications of my faith in Christ through your article.

John, United Kingdom

Europe I was going through a period of doubt and reading this cancelled all doubt and put me back on track. Thank you.

Keitha, Australia

Helped me reconnect with Jesus through prayer though I often cannot find the words.

Abraham, Namibia

The website the information that I read in it really have me more reason to believe in Christ Jesus.The website has really helped mean strengthened and boosted my Christianity faith.

Vimbai, Zimbabwe

This website has greatly made me understand what I have to do to accept Jesus and How I can prepare my road to eternal life. Thank you for your teachings.

Lusiana, Fiji

I accepted Jesus in my life.

Josphat, Kenya

Thanks for this encouraging short video, I received Salvation just some few weeks ago and am grateful to God since then , I can experience some kind of unexplainable inner peace. And this short film has said much more and made it even more clearer to me my purpose.

Tawanda, Zimbabwe

It has helped to rededicate my life to Jesus Christ.

Delia, Zimbabwe

The lesson has helped me a lot. It built my faith to greater heights. Now I know a lot about our Lord Jesus Christ

Ede, Nigeria

I can’t describe how joyful am I to link into this kind inspiration site called Jesusonline. I have learnt alot from this page.