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Keitshupile, Africa

It has opened my mind that God loves me a lot.

Celenia, South Africa

This website has helped me gain more clarity on my life and for me to know that i am loved.

Jacky, South Africa

Yes this has helped me in many ways.

Eidey, Belize

Has helped me to understand that God has plans for all of us but we must give all of our trust to him.

Clare, South Africa

This web site has helped me so much with some very difficult situations in my life.

Edea, Papua New Guinea

It truly is heart rending & it raises hope in faith for the next life through Christ who strengthens.

Fred, Solomon Islands

This has really help me a lot in my search for the truth from the Word of God. Thank you very much and may the hand of The Almighty God continue to guide you in your work.


Thank you so much for this article. It gives me more information on how to defend my faith on God and Jesus. More blessings!

John, Nigeria

Am highly inspired by your write up and encouraged in my trust and believe in Jesus and the power of resurrection.

Ageish, Pakistan

Amazing article. Helps strengthen faith!!