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Pansie, Jamaica

Very inspiring message. It came in Divine Right Timing as encouragement and Enlightenment.

Nawa, Zambia

Its has helped me to fully understand who GOD is and the love that he has for me.

Laura, Canada

I would love to read this. Need this to continue my journey.

Ingrid, Guyana

Thank you for inspiring me and recommitting my life to Jesus Christ.

Karol, Belize

Watching the video and read the few chapters really help.It gives me a clearer view and a better understanding.

Tor, Norway

Excellent information, useful for my personal belief and help for my preaching.


I was looking for people who explain about Jesus like you. Your explanations are very clear and inspiring.


It was a very interesting and a very good article. Now I do not have any doubts that Jesus rose from the dead., thank you.

Trixie, United States

I can’t begin to tell you how reading this filled me up so much. So many times I’ve said that I’m so glad He’s there for me to talk with. GOD BLESS U OVER AND OVER

Mivanyi, Nigeria

Thank you. Helped me to confirm some facts and provided proper reasoning with regards doctrinal issues around Jesus Christ.