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Sherene, Madras, India

Simply amazing !it just strengthened my faith and will help when I share the good news with others.

Houma, Laos

I have regained my faith. Thank you.

Mambwe, Zambia

This is the most inspiring website that I have come across so far about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am going to use some of these materials in The Church Of The Word Of God (CWG) to equip the believers as foundational teachings.

Betty, United States

Thank you for this! I have so needed to rededicate my life to Christ!

Jamal, Jordan

It reminds me of the love of God our heavenly father and encourage me to understand the purpose of life, praise the lord.

Diane, United States

This has helped me in so many ways especially when I ask myself the question of why I am here and my purpose in life.

Thomas, Liberia

I’m so thankful to God for this prayer, its help me so much.

Chao, India

I believe its a blessing for me to follow this page and its because of God that things are happening in my life. Thank you so much may God add more blessing in you.

Clement, Cameroon

This site has been a positive motivation to me drawing me ever closer to the throne of heaven.

Muhammad, Pakistan

As a lost soul in search of a path, this site has led me to the bridge that will take me across turbulent waters to the calm and peace of the sea of hope and salvation.