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Keith, United States

Strengthen my faith.

Buhle, South Africa

It helped me a lot as I’m going through a process of spiritual awakening and I have a lot of questions about the existence of Christianity, God, Jesus and how much of what happens in our life is what we’re actually controlling.

Carla, South Africa

Very convincing, affirms my faith, Inspires me to learn more. Thank you!

Hasmer, Philippines

I am speechless, I cannot describe my feeling after reading this, I was so happy to know a lot of things about God and Lord Jesus Christ, I am also feeling guilty after all the mistakes that I have done and I will do in the future. I accept Lord Jesus Christ as my savior and I accept his gift.


I am delighted to having read the article. It convinced me and help put more faith in Jesus’s resurrection.

Albino, Canada

This article helped me to understand about the risen Lord. Thank you so much.

Bob, United Kingdom

Fantastic article, was able to post it on social media, at a crucial time, all my friends can now read the good news. Brilliant and thanks.


My belief in the Resurrection story which, until today, had minute fissures of doubt, is now free from any doubt and feel a joy and confidence that I had never felt before.I shall, with confidence and renewed strength, boldly proclaim to the world that He is risen, Thank you and God bless you.

Richard, Nigeria

It was an eye opener, it brought me calmness, peace of mind and a very great assurance of the future and my resurrection on my last day on this planet Earth. I am very great full. I read them non stop. Thanks a lot because it made my day and my Life.

Thomas, Kenya

Am very much humbled to have come a cross this article of different scholars that has really impacted me in my faith as a Christian.