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Mwewa, Zambia

This has helped to know the most important decision one has to make in life, is to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Thank you!

Jennifer, Uganda

Nice getting GOD’S word from you, it makes my faith to grow stronger and stronger. God bless u.

Humphrey, Zimbabwe

This is powerful indeed. A great transformation has taken place in my life.

Melissa, Philippines

This really helped me so much. Very timely to my current situation. Praise be to God alone!


Very Good! I am a believer.

Anyaeze, Nigeria

This article has reinforced my belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God and our saviour.

Amos, Nigeria

Thanks! It has really increased my faith.

Shinia, Jamaica

Wow, this video was amazing, it gives me a better understanding and how to accept the Lord. God is a forgiving God.

Steven, Papua New Guinea

Thank you family in Christ this website has truly open my eyes and understanding of how to receive God into my life. God is good all the time.

Cristina, Romania

It encouraged me greatly to leave my burden at the Cross and pray. I did that. And I feel much better.