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Akuneto, Nigeria

I came across your article at the time I was very anxious to know more about Jesus Christ, and possibly have a personal relationship with Him because I know He lives. You’ve really cleared some doubts in my mind. This goes further to show me that God shows Himself to those diligently seek Him. Thank you.

Carpio, Philippines

i feel confident about life again, that God, Jesus is all in control again as i rededicate my life again to Him.

Rita, United States

Help me to get closer to my God.

Mavis, United States

My faith has been strengthened.

Ovung, India

This website has reminded me the true love of God through Jesus Christ the only son of God thank you.

Kadie, Jamaica

Helping me to have a connection with Jesus and God.

Dorothy, Nigeria

Getting exciting as each day lesson shows more of Jesus than I know. God bless Jesus Online.

Biebu, Cameroon

This website has helped me to be fully devoted to God.

Armelita, Philippines

I am very happy to have like this Jesus online, it’s a big help for my spiritual needs, thank you very much, and thanks for your prayers for me.

Josephine, Kisii

This site has helped know that with God all things are possible.