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Robert, United States

Enlighting….informative….well done…thank you.

Alfred, Philippines

This made my faith stronger by overcomjng the intellectual opposition to the truth of Jesus’ resurrection. God bless those behind this article.

Jose, Philippines

Very informative article. Becoming deeper in Christian faith.

Jerome, Philippines

This helped me in doubting my doubts. Thanks.

Lynny, Tonga

It helps me strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ.

Matthew, Nigeria

I prayed the prayer and rededicate my life to Christ.

Florence, Uganda

Has been very useful, pulls you closer to God.

Lavinia, Fiji

It has helped me to start my life as Christ Centered.

Joise, Papua New Guinea

Love to know this prayer is online.

Joseph, Malta

It helped me to meditate more on the word of God. It helped me to reflect on the Love of God. Helped me to try to become more like Him in my daily life decisions. To reflect on His humility, faithfulness, meekness and compassion. Never realized how precious I am to Him who created me.