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Pitia, South Sudan

It has awaken me from a deep sleep, I have taken 5 years without prayers, am glad this website has helped me to trace my lost faith. Thanks.

Rita, United States

This has absolutely inspired me. Thank you.

Rachel, Philippines

It is great reminder that our life is valuable to Him who made us. Thank you for this website.

Marina, France

Thanks for the invitation to learn more about our relationship with God through Jesus.

Inyaka, Nigeria

This website is drawing me closer to God,and is inspiring me more about God’s words.

Juliana, South Africa

It has renewed my salvation.

George, Kenya

I am blessed and encourged. The video has taught me more on how to appreciate and love jesus. Thank you so much. I’d love more videos to inspire me. God bless you.

Helen, Papua New Guinea

This webpage is totally AWESOME! Thank you. It is helping me to really love the God of the bible and love and enjoy bible study.

Brenda, United States

It help me to accept Lord Jesus Christ in my life and ask for forgiveness of my sins. THANK YOU.

Desedita, Philippines

Thank you. These videos are God’s answers to my prayer.