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Nazzareno, Malta

Cannot be more accurate, greatly improves my faith and every night before i sleep makes me remember to say prayers for the things He gives me.

Eben, India

Thank You Thank U. Before some days i had Some doubt about Jesus Existence but Today, I read it and i regained my faith in lord Jesus Christ. Thanks. I Have been searching this site for days. Thnx

Aristides, Australia

Thanks for making available to us such work of great coherence, unbiased focus and depth. This article helped me to solidify my belief.

Ian, United Kingdom

I am a Christian and just wanted to read to gain some objectives and views. It really encouraged me to be a soldier for Christ. So thanks for this it was really uplifting for me as I hope to pass on some of the arguments in this article. God bless and thanks.

Bethrand, Nigeria

Let me start by giving thanks for the immensely impacting work you have done here. The conviction of your work here, with respect to Jesus’s existence is compelling. I stumbled on this site by chance yesterday. I couldn’t leave, the end of any article leads to another equally interesting one. I want to know as much as I can, to straighten my faith. You have cleared my doubts beyond imagination. Thank you!

Neil, Austrailia

Reinforced my belief.

Doug, United States

Very good writing enjoyed and opened my inner eyes thank you for Jesus insight. Is Jesus the Only Way to God?

Daniel, Australia

This article has helped me to strengthen my faith. Thanks.

Nick, Zimbabwe

Brilliant…being a Christian this just strengthens the argument for the truth.


Going through the articles on “Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?” cleared my little doubt I had about this historic fact. Thank you.