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Chao, India

I believe its a blessing for me to follow this page and its because of God that things are happening in my life. Thank you so much may God add more blessing in you.

Clement, Cameroon

This site has been a positive motivation to me drawing me ever closer to the throne of heaven.

Muhammad, Pakistan

As a lost soul in search of a path, this site has led me to the bridge that will take me across turbulent waters to the calm and peace of the sea of hope and salvation.


I find it very helpful in my spiritual quest!

Janet, United States

I have accepted Jesus into my life but I want to learn more about to fully live my life with him.Thank you for this program.

Concesa, Philippines

I must be honest that this is my first time to read this aspect in the FB! I love it! FOREVER LOVE!!! Thanks God I discover this page!

Monica, Kenya

What an awesome encouragement, thank you for I was in a position of giving up, may God bless you.

Gordie, Canada

This was beautiful. I did pray the prayer. Thank You.

Benjamin, Uganda

Truly it helps me to grow spiritually.

Recy, Athens

Help me to know Him more.THANK YOU