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Eloi, Philippines

The website is contributing to my spiritual growth. The more I read the more I learn about the type of relationship I should have with God and how to let him take charge of my life. I am very grateful.

Godiraone, Botswana

It has revived my spirit, gave me hope for spiritual growth, gave me suggestions on how to grow spiritually, gave me verses to refer to. I thank God for showing me your website.

Mary, Gambia

This message really helpful to me especially the quotation from the Bible.

Abraham, Liberia

The website educated me lot about God.

Martin, Philippines

Your strengthens my Christian’s foundation and beliefs in God.

Marian Joy, Philippines

It helps me realize how great is God’s love for me.

Purificacion, Philippines

Thank you for the prayer. I want to deeply know my savior and lord Jesus Christ.

Nanuleme, Uganda

It’s so inspiring, caught my heart ,one thing am certain is here on earth,the most valuable thing Is knowing the will of God.

Martin, South Africa

Thank you for the opportunity to redirect my life to the glory of GOD.

Gracy, India

Has helped me immensely , made me realize just how much God loves me.