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Ebiyemi, Nigeria

Am so inspire and touch with the Word of God and have decided to follow Jesus has my Lord and personel Savior.

Hosea, Tanzania

It has increased me the faith and to make me know who is Jesus and what authority and power He has.

Manasa, Fiji

It has helped me to understand the Word more deeply and strengthen my relationship with the Lord. Thanks.

Kryztof, Philippines

This is timely coz I am needing HIS advise and guidance. Thank you for the kind heart of sharing this wonderful book.

Amone, South Africa

It has help me a lot and it has let me remember that my God is alive and that he is always there for me.

Rosalie, Australia

Thank you for helping me to become the person I should be for my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

Doris, Nigeria

The article has helped me reaffirmed God’s love for me and how I can bask in His endless love.

David, Auckland

Awesome Jesusonline I did not know how I got to read about Jesus more today on this very website and I have accepted HIM in my heart to be my saviour for the rest of my life.
Your info is very understandable and make sense packing with facts and evidence that helps us a lot to understand Jesus and become a christian thru FAITH. Well done and keep posting more about Jesus.

Sylvia, Kenya

I love it. Jesus online the reason for my being alive. Thank you for marketing Jesus.

Theresa, Namibia

I just want to thank God for making it possible for me to come across your website. It is very encouraging, enriching my life and as I read the messages I feel the touch of God(anointing), His presence all over me. Thank you and remain blessed for allowing God to use you.