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Shinia, Jamaica

Wow, this video was amazing, it gives me a better understanding and how to accept the Lord. God is a forgiving God.

Steven, Papua New Guinea

Thank you family in Christ this website has truly open my eyes and understanding of how to receive God into my life. God is good all the time.

Cristina, Romania

It encouraged me greatly to leave my burden at the Cross and pray. I did that. And I feel much better.

Milagros, Philippines

AMEN to that Video. It inspired me to have JESUS to be at the Top of the Pyramid of my Life.

Sungeni, Malawi

It has helped me a lot and I am seeing my spiritual growth because of this website, GOD continue his blessings on your life, Thank you.

Adam, Trinidad and Tobago

I want to dedicate my life to Jesus from this moment on, thank you, Amen

Princesita, Philippines

Shalom! Thanks for your messages from God’s helps me a lot especially in my spiritual life. It grows me deeper in God’s love for me. It helps me a lot to share love of God to others.

Charity, Nigeria

I am inspired, I am filled with Holy spirit now. Thank you.

Elliot, Zambia

This site has really helped me to grow in the things of God. Please continue adding more…. Thank you

Patricia, South Africa

Since I started this journey with Jesus online, now I can read my bible on daily basis, and I am growing spiritually I can see the light now.