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Miibot, Ghana

It has helped me to understand God’s love for me and the need to spread Christianity.

Consolata, Kenya

Helped to realize Gods love for me.

Petro, South Africa

Thank you I’m growing in my spiritual believes find the scriptures easy to understand.

Angele, St. Maarten Dutch West Indies

This help boost what I already knows, thank you the web site is great, easy to listen to, and understand, keep up the good work Jesus is Lord over all.

Huma, Pakistan

This video helps me to understand the responsibilities of life and the basics of our life.


This has helped to deepen my knowledge of the bible and how God loves us all and how we can share it to the world.

Nairobi, Kenya

I have been strengthened so much so i feel like i got born again yesterday.

Gilbert, India

Simply wonderful & enlightening.

Madeleine, Bath, United Kingdom

I have found these pages really valuable and interesting.


I’m really touched and I have prayed .Continued spreading the word.