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“This was an excellent article. When I finished reading, I was so happy to know that resurrection is not only a biblical fact but also a historical fact which no one can disprove. This article has raised my faith in Christianity much more than what I had before. Thanks to everyone responsible for this.” – Lloyd, India

“… it wasn’t until I read the articles on this website (for 6 hours) that I really understood the meaning of Christianity. It was as if I’ve had all the pieces of the puzzle with me all along, but I finally put them all together and see the bigger picture. I’d like to thank all of you responsible for publishing this website and allowing me to really get in touch with the Lord God. I suppose it was in the simplicity and the conviction of the language of the articles that finally made me realize that Jesus died for my sins. Please keep preaching the Word to all!! God Bless!” – Angelique, New York, USA

“After reading this message I have received Jesus to be my saviour and my protector. This is powerful words for us. Thanks JESUS FOR SAVING MY LIFE AMEN.”  – Peter, Malawi