Y-Jesus Magazine


Y-Jesus is a single-issue magazine that deals with the evidence regarding the most controversial person who ever lived. This 100 page, full-color, 8.5X11 magazine, illustrated with dramatic photos and contemporary graphics, will help both youth and adults understand the evidence regarding Jesus Christ and his radical claims.



Articles included in Y-Jesus magazine

Born Identity (click to view)
Was Jesus a real person?

Jesus Complex (click to view)
Was he crazy, a pathological lair, or the Son of God?

Mona Lisa’s Smirk (click to view)
The truth behind the DaVinci conspiracy

Jesus.doc (click to view)
Is the New Testament reliable?

The Path Laid by Prophets (click to view)
Was the Messiah’s identity encrypted within ancient Hebrew prophecy?

Body Count (click to view)
Explaining the disappearance and reappearance of Jesus

Why Jesus? (click to view)
Is he relevant today?

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