This website has really helped me correct my cold love for God, thank you.

Lucia, Palau

Thank you for guiding me to find Jesus and transforming my soul.

Hettie, South Africa

Once again It helped me so that my faith in God grows stronger.

Jeevanathan, Sri Lanka

The message made me realize my position and rededicate myself to Jesus. Thank you very much JESUSONLINE.

Anyella, Tuvalu

It help me a lot, every time I have problems in life but it make me feel strong and it means a lot that I can face all the things.

Makarios, Zambia

This website is a brilliant life changing that will inspire me and motivate for the coming year!

Daniel, Malawi

Really this has touched my soul.

Tinai, Fiji

Yes the video was very helpful as it directed my mind set towards our Father.

Efuntoyin, Nigeria

It has helped me to understand the mystery about God our father.

Melinda, North America

I just started seeing this and I find it so interesting.